DR. Amanda Steinberger, DO

Dr. Amanda Steinberger is a highly-skilled and compassionate vein doctor with specialized training in the latest and safest vein treatments. She has an immense talent and passion for the treatment of spider veins, varicose veins, and underlying vein diseases. Her passion for vein care shines through in her compassionate attitude, warmth while dealing with patients, technical precision, and amazing results.

Dr. Steinberger understands that spider veins and other vein problems can dramatically affect your quality of life. She listens to your concerns and symptoms, understands the root cause of your concerns, and curates personalized treatment plans. Her considered approach to vein care ensures safe, consistent, and long-lasting results. Dr. Steinberger provides free insurance verification with your initial appointment.

Areas of expertise

Venous Medicine

Interventional Radiologist

Training & Recognition