Varithena is a minimally invasive, injectable treatment for superficial varicose veins. The vein doctor injects a specialized microfoam made of a sclerosant medicine into the unwanted varicose veins. The sclerosant microfoam induces an inflammatory response and seals the varicose veins’ walls, turning them into hardened scar tissues eventually metabolized by the body. One Varithena treatment can make your legs look smooth and healthy.

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What to expect during the procedure?

Varithena is a simple, in-office procedure performed on an outpatient basis without anesthesia. The procedure usually concludes within 30 minutes and doesn’t involve any downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities and work immediately.

Your vein doctor will numb the injection site to ensure comfort — no additional anesthesia is necessary. The vein doctor administers the Varithena microfoam into the diseased saphenous vein responsible for your vein problems using a small catheter.

The diseased vein hardens into scar tissues and is eventually metabolized by the body. The accumulated blood reroutes into healthier leg veins, and the microfoam disperses when it meets healthy veins. The entire procedure concludes within 30 minutes.

You may experience mild leg pain or discomfort after the treatment. Your vein doctor will ask you to wear compression stockings for two weeks. But you can resume your daily activities and work immediately — no social or professional downtime.

Does insurance cover my vein treatment?

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Varithena is an effective, minimally invasive treatment for small varicose veins and spider veins. Most patients only need one treatment to effectively address the unwanted varicose veins and improve the appearance of the legs.

Varithena involves using a sclerosant microfoam to seal the diseased varicose veins. Since it doesn’t involve thermal energy, there’s no risk of nerve injury or unwanted tissue damage.


In rare cases, if a varicose vein is extremely enlarged and dilated, you may need a second Varithena session to make it seal shut completely.

Varithena involves a small risk of allergic reactions, including headaches, rashes, and swelling of the mouth, face, and hands.